Buhari Urges Religious Movements In Africa To Fight Corruption

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged religious movements to assist African countries rid themselves of the scourge of corruption.

Speaking at the State House on Friday while receiving the Grand Khalifa of Tijjaniyya Islamic Movement Worldwide, Sheikh Muhammadul-Kabir, the President also enjoined such movements to work for “the cementing of our continental relationships and peaceful coexistence.”

President Buhari commended the movement’s commitment to spiritual cleansing.

According to him, “while the evil of material corruption seeks to undermine the dignity and worldly existence of man, moral and spiritual corruption seek to destroy man and condemn him to perpetual punishment by his Creator”

President Buhari also lauded the peaceful conduct of the Tijjaniyyah Islamic movement in Nigeria.

“The Tijjaniyyah adherents are peaceful and never found to be in breach of peace nor associated with extreme religious views or terrorism,” he said, noting in particular, “the peaceful way you have conducted all your celebrations without disturbance to the public. This is commendable.”

The President, while expressing appreciation for the prayers from congregations such as the Tijjaniyyah, appealed to all religious groups to continue to preach peace particularly among the youth.

Sheikh Muhammadul-Kabir and other clerics accompanying him from several African countries, commended President Buhari for nurturing peaceful coexistence among all religious adherents in the country.

He said they had come to Nigeria to observe their Maulud celebration of the birthday of the Holy Prophet Muhammad which took place peacefully in Bauchi.

Flash: 54 Killed In Bomb Attack On Egypt's Mosque

At least 54 people were killed and 75 more wounded after suspected militants targeted a mosque in Egypt’s north Sinai with a bomb and gunfire, MENA state news agency said on Friday, citing an official source.

At Last, Buhari Ready To Fire EFCC's Magu

The Presidency may have agreed to sack Ibrahim Magu as the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC). The move followed a recent crucial meeting between the leadership of the National Assembly and the Presidency. The Senate had twice refused to confirm Magu as the Chairman of the EFCC after he reportedly "failed the confirmation interview." Despite his rejection by the Senate, the President has kept him in office to the consternation of the National Assembly.

Irked by the development, the Senate stalled further confirmation of nominees from the Presidency. Dailytrust reports that currently, over 50 nominees of the President are awaiting confirmation by the senate these nominees are from the NDDC, CCB, CBN, ICPC, FERMA, MPC and PENCOM among others.

Vigil360 has reliably gathered that the Presidency has reached out to the Senate with a view to resolving the matter. A delegation from the Presidency according to the source was led by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly matters, Sen. Ita Enang. Confirming the development to Dailytrust, Ita said.

“We are not resting on our oars; we are conducting the best and highest level of diplomacy. We have started talking again; we have changed the tone of our speaking. We are arriving at something like a middle ground that would be satisfactory to all parties.

“So long that these appointments stand unconfirmed, foreign investment, funding from foreign partners and governance are being affected. We are not attacking, we are engaging and I believe in the next few days, the result will be evidenced and we will come out of it,” he said.
He however refused to state whether the President has agreed to sack Magu.

But sources in the National Assembly told Vigil360 that the Senators insisted on Magu's removal to pave way for the confirmation of other nominees. The source said Ita's disclosure that the Presidency has changed tone suggests that the Presidency may do the bidding of the Senate. 
Meanwhile, Sen. Ita has assured the Senators that he will convey their decision to the President.

Again, IPOB Accuses DSS Of Breeding Fake Members

The leadership and family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide wish to draw attention of the entire world, Biafrans, IPOB members, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom, including those being used by the DSS, that Radio Biafra London which has been broadcasting from inception, is still registered and operates from London and the Director and Deputy Director, remains our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his Deputy Mazi Uche Mefor. Mazi Chika Edoziem is the Head of the Directorate of State (DOS) with responsibility for the day to day administration of IPOB worldwide.

Emma Powerful is the Publicity Secretary and spokesperson as such any statements emanating from any other person or group of persons claiming to hold positions in IPOB must be seen and regarded as DSS agents set up to counter the excellent work being done by IPOB.

We advice is for newspaper editors to note that any leadership structure not in conformity with the one outlined above is not existent. They are fake made up names that doesn't exist and will never exist. Why would DSS lie to media houses that their radio station is broadcasting from London when in actual fact it's coming from Florida? Don't they know there is an online register of all Shortwave transmissions? If the Buhari government through its security agency the DSS can lie about the true location of their radio station, then it proves that the station is fake and every message coming from it is fake. Newspaper proprietors should be wary not to allow their publications to be willingly vehicles for the peddling of government fake news and propaganda. 

We are warning all Biafrans to be vigilant and wary of the new strategy and antics of the Nigerian government and her agencies, especially DSS. They are determined to confuse and deceive the public with fake news from their fake radio station broadcasting from Florida USA. They have managed to recruit a handful of money hungry Igbo traitors and APC members in America who are helping them run this new DSS radio Biafra station on shortwave and FM. DSS tagged their new fake radio station, Radio Biafra, in the hope of confusing Biafrans into believing in their lies against our leadership structure and modus operandi. Only those with difficulty in reasoning or devoid of common sense will allow themselves to be deceived by this cheap subterfuge. 

The one and only world renowned Radio Biafra is still broadcasting from London, whereas this new one set up by DSS and operated by Igbo traitors, is based in Florida USA. Anybody who is associated with this evil plan by the Nigerian Government is working contrary to the interest of Biafra restoration. The worldwide IPOB family has nothing to do with this fraud. We recognize the fact that these shameless antics will never stop and as a matter of fact we expect them to be intensified in the run up to our referendum next year.   

The indomitable IPOB family worldwide will soon launch another version of Radio Nigeria on Short Wave in response to these crude, senseless and amateurish antics of DSS. We shall in the coming weeks be launching a new Radio Nigeria service in Hausa language as a direct response to this move by the Nigerian Government to prove to them that we Biafrans are too intelligent to be taken in by this crude antics of a corrupt drowning APC administration.

We are warning Biafrans to be careful of the people planted in the midst of Biafra agitation by Nigerian Government through their DSS. Some online media houses have also accepted to work for the Buhari government against Biafran restoration in exchange for money. We are aware that Nigerian Government through the DSS have infiltrated and in most cases taken over most pro-Biafra groups so must expect many more fake and fabricated information concerning IPOB family members and Biafra restoration project. The advice is to ignore any information or news from these fake platforms because they are sponsored and owned by DSS and the APC government. 

We are advising every Biafran to ignore and disregard every information coming from any other radio station claiming they are working for Biafra unless it's Radio Biafra London. What DSS is doing, with the help of some media houses and traitors, is to create an atmosphere of confusion and uncertainty, given the absence of our kidnapped leader. Many more fake online and terrestrial radio stations peddling fake news about Biafra independence and IPOB leadership are coming so Biafrans must be prepared to dismantle them with truth, facts and figures. 

It's a pity that the Nigerian Government could descend so low by establishing fake radio stations to tackle Biafra restoration project because IPOB have defeated them in every aspect both home and abroad. Friends of Biafra, men and women of good goodwill, lovers of freedom must disregard any fake information peddling by this DSS radio station broadcasting from Florida yet claiming to be Radio Biafra transmitting from London. IPOB/Radio Biafra will continue to expose the childish pranks of the Nigerian Government and their agents against the Biafra restoration project. 

No amount of bribery, financial inducement, promise of political positions, creation of a phantom leadership for IPOB or fake radio Biafra stations will dent our resolve or impede our march towards extricating Biafra from the Luggardian contraption called Nigeria.  



George Uboh's Letter To Buhari Exposes Unprecedented Corruption In EFCC

The Chief Executive Officer of Panic Alert Security Systems (PASS), Dr. George Uboh has, March 30, 2017, written an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari in a bid to fight corruption to a standstill.

Dr. Uboh, it could be recalled, blew the whistle on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC]’s stealing and failure to remit the N1.993 Trillion Naira.

In the letter, Uboh, who described himself as the foremost whistleblower in Nigeria, recounted his efforts to fight corruption using state-of-the-art technology.

He reminded how PASS sent several petitions to the President, DSS, NSA, IGP, PSC, SGPS, Senate etc. on EFCC’S stealing and corruption.

He also stated that he performed the herculean and risky tasks of whistleblowing without compensation and has faced physical, spiritual and cyber dangers fighting corruption.

He assured Mr. President that if he could grant him the sought-for audience, he can easily recover 20 Trillion Naira stolen funds in Nigeria.

Finally, to drive his point home, Dr. Uboh said he is willing to waive his right to trial and willingly submit himself to prison to serve 5 years if any document he tenders is fake, adulterated or manipulated. 

Read below the Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari:

Your Excellency Sir,

Patriotic Services George Uboh has Performed for Nigeria without Compensation; Post-Service Vindications; Request for Appointment to Present Evidence and Unveil Blueprint

I, Dr. George Uboh, the undersigned Chief Executive Officer of Panic Alert Security Systems (hereinafter referred to as PASS) Limited under which the herculean and uncompensated tasks below were performed, state unequivocally that I am the author of this “open letter”.

I am the foremost whistleblower in Nigeria who drafted the whistleblower protection bill that has passed second reading at the Senate, I have suffered immense adverse treatment for blowing the whistle against the EFCC, inter alia.

I founded, after the government embraced whistleblowers policy, George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (hereinafter referred to as GUWN) to serve as a databank for whistleblowers, fight for any whistleblower who suffers adverse treatment pro bono [free of charge], among other objectives. 

Patriotic Services Performed without Compensation:

EFCC Stole, Diverted and Failed to Remit N1.993 Trillion Naira into FGN Coffers from 2003 TO 2013. 

PASS was a contractor for the EFCC providing security services for the EFCC in 2011.

Despite the fact that EFCC wrote former President Jonathan to release N1.4B Naira to PASS for a second security job, after I received documents of EFCC’s failure to remit N1.993 Trillion Naira to the FGN and diversions, I reviewed same with my partners, stopped pursuing the second contract and severed my relationship with the EFCC in order to pursue the remittance of the N1.993 Trillion to the FGN.  

I raised the first alarm in 2013 when PASS consulted for Bayelsa State to collect funds EFCC stole from Bayelsa State.

On May 18, 2015 Thisday Newspaper published an article captioned “start your anti-corruption campaign with EFCC, Uboh tells Buhari”, in which I listed a litany of schemes EFCC uses to divert recovered funds as a way to alert you on EFCC before your resumption of office.

In June/July, 2015 PASS sent several petitions to the President, DSS, NSA, IGP, PSC, SGPS, Senate etc. on EFCC’S stealing and failure to remit the N1.993 Trillion Naira.

The Senate called for a hearing on PASS petition before the Ethics Committee on August 26, 2015 during which EFCC Chairman refused to appear and refused to appear two subsequent times before his sack on or about November 9, 2015.

The Solicitor-General and Permanent Secretary (SGPS) of the Ministry of Justice via a letter addressed to PASS on October 8, 2015 posited that he has directed the EFCC to respond to PASS allegations and forward same to the SGPS.

Till date the EFCC has not responded, despite the fact that the Ministry of Justice supervises the EFCC.

I have appeared on several Radio and TV shows, met with anyone that matters in Nigeria to agitate for the return of these funds, showed and disseminated the evidence of the unremitted N1.993 Trillion Naira, because these funds belong to Nigeria and Nigerians hence the matter concerns all Nigerians.


Mrs. Farida Waziri, former EFCC Chairperson came out on December 3, 2016 as widely reported in several newspapers to accuse her predecessor Nuhu Ribadu to account for the Billions of Naira he recovered without documentation. Waziri was right! 

Evidence in our possession shows that Waziri documented most of her recoveries/stealing while Ribadu did not document most of his recoveries/stealing.

Ibrahim Magu on March 15, 2017 during his Senate confirmation hearing was asked how much the EFCC has recovered? Magu said he did not know the figure. It should be noted that EFCC was started by the trio of Ribadu, Lamorde and Magu in 2003.        

PASS Traced Aggregate of N324 Billion Naira within 27 days during Engagement by the FGN.

In my May 9, 2016 “OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT” published in leadership newspaper, I averred that PASS traced aggregate of N324 Billion Naira within 27 days (February-March, 2016) during our engagement by the Attorney-General, opining that most of the funds/accounts we traced were TSA funds that there is urgent need to go after the “banking sector mafia” who were not obeying your TSA cardinal directive, and who hide Trillions of Naira in stolen funds in collusion with looters and MDAs hence had ample reason to scuttle our engagement. I attached all the accounts PASS traced with balances to the publication.


On August 24, 2016, the CBN Governor came out with a report that about $2 Billion USD of TSA funds were kept in Eight (8) Banks threatening to sanction the banks, a position I took months earlier in my May 9, 2016 publication.

On December 1, 2016 the Finance Minister found another 450 Billion Naira TSA funds unremitted by MDAs, opining that she will set up a committee to investigate the MDAs. Again, vindicating the position I took that banks and MDAs (who receive returns from banks for warehousing their funds) are in collusion.

Since the Government embraced the whistleblowers policy in December 2016, many accounts PASS traced that were published on May 9, 2016 are being treated as submissions by other whistleblowers, even a serving Minister while you were on vacation announced that $130 Million USD in Brass LNG account was provided by a whistleblower. Sir, same account was account no. 29 in our May 9, 2016 publication. 

We Raised the Alarm in 2014 that the Paris Club Debt was Judgment was impregnated with Corruption and Judicial Fraud in our Capacity as Consultants to the Governors’ Forum 

PASS investigated the Paris Club judgment and advised the Forum, thereafter issued a mandate by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum dated June 15, 2014.

After studying the 2013 judgment issued by Judge Ademola, we unearthed a clear case of judicial fraud, betrayal of oath of office by Adoke – Minister of Justice, Iweala – Minister of Finance and then Accountant-General.

In several newspaper articles to wit; June 18, 2015 of The Nation, June 22, 2015 of The Punch, and July 1 and 7, 2015 of The Punch I criticized the above three principals/MDAs who were defendants but failed to defend the Federal Government (did not appear in court), abandoned the case which gave rise to ALGON prevailing on the case easily, hence, costing the FGN $3.1 Billion USD.

In same publications I criticized the Judge for awarding 15% of the $3.1 Billion USD to contractors who were not plaintiffs/parties to the suit, but surfaced in the judgment. At the garnishee nisi phase, the contractors still appeared, but after many criticisms from me, the judge omitted the contractors at the garnishee absolute phase.

It should be noted that two fake/multiple judgments have been procured recently from another court on same matter for 10% phantom consultancy work and 10% phantom contract amounting to extra $636 Million USD.    


The judge vindicated me by omitting the fraudulent 15% award he gave phantom contractors after I raised the alarm. Same judge has been arrested recently for judicial fraud on another matter.

The judgment which was not defended by then Ministries of Justice, Finance and Accountant-General in 2013 is a poisonous tree hence the 2017 payments which are permeated with fraud as currently being reported are merely fruits of the same tree impregnated with poison. A fortiori, same poison must flow from the tree to its fruits hence the legal term “fruits of the poisonous tree”. The current fraud vindicates all my cries concerning this judgment.


I attended the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) in 2008, led the teams that reviewed the extant policy on Security and Defense. We took a study tour to Defense Industry Corporation of Nigeria (DICON), Kaduna. 

We wrote a communique to the Presidency after the course in which the teams (teams 3 and 6) posited that the worst security challenge facing Nigeria was lack of swift response to a myriad of challenges ranging from medical to armed robbery, lack of database etc recommending that a blueprint is needed to address these challenges in tandem with other Countries, particularly the U.S that responded to 9/11 catastrophe with a blue print called “Department of Homeland Security (DHS)”. 

Against this backdrop, I wrote the above-captioned blueprint in 2011. If implemented, BITSAC, a technology-driven blueprint, stands to eradicate all loopholes that aid insecurity and corruption, eradicate overlapping functions being performed by agencies, store database of all persons and organizations in Nigeria along with their movable/immovable assets, store database of all visitors into Nigeria and all Nigerians in the Diaspora hence reconcile who owns what and aid in collection of taxes thereby checkmate corrupt practices, accord everyone in Nigeria access to emergency service in all languages/dialects.

Thus, provide swift response to any form of emergency and evacuation free of charge, secure our borders, national assets, infrastructure, ports, prisons, arms and ammunition with the latest technologies, disseminate any form of emergency to a well-trained and well-equipped human security who shall deal with any emergency in the most professional manner, enforce human rights, read all criminal suspects their legal rights in all languages/dialects, accord destitute criminal suspects free lawyers to represent them, but shall be ready, willing and able to unleash the most ferocious attack on anyone or group that poses clear and present danger to our homeland.

BITSAC shall offer immense job opportunities, given the fact that BITSAC shall have presence in all local governments; the PRO BONO department alone shall employ all  lawyers Nigeria churns out every year.

The technology aspect shall solve crimes swifter, boost revenue due to accountability of all assets owned thus boost tax collection, hold a freer and fairer election, eradicate shady transactions, portray Nigeria in a much better light abroad and, based on the cost benefit analysis conducted, the revenue to be generated and the money to be saved when the current leakages are blocked would translate into 50 Trillion naira revenue yearly.


Your Excellency Sir, my only prayer is my request that you extend me an INVITATION in order to hand you evidence of all cases of corruption above and more, and to unveil BITSAC to you via power point PRESENTATION.


Your Excellency Sir, I performed the herculean and risky tasks above without compensation. I have faced three dangers since 2013 when I started blowing the whistle: physical, spiritual and cyber threats. I have fought corruption during PDP Government, during APC Government, within the Nigerian oligarchs, within the “banking sector mafia”, within the judiciary, within the executive and within the legislative arm; fighting corruption is a course I cherish so much and, if need be, it is a course for which I am prepared to die. I can easily recover 20 Trillion Naira stolen funds in Nigeria; we do not need to borrow a dime from abroad; and I will waive my right to trial and willingly submit myself to prison to serve 5 years if any document I tender you is fake, adulterated or manipulated. 

Remain Blessed.

Yours in anti-corruption and security services,

Dr. George Uboh

Chief Executive Officer (PASS)

Chairman (GUWN)

+234 809 640 0000



Osun Govt Orders Clampdown On Tax Defaulting FG Agencies

The Osun State Government has given the marching orders to the relevant agencies of government to ‘use all necessary means’ including total shutdown, to collect the backlog of taxes of more than N4.7 billion owed the state by Federal Government's Ministries, Departments and  Agencies, especially education institutions, operating in the state. 

This was contained in a statement issued by the Media Adviser to Governor Rauf Aregbesola, Mr Sola Fasure, on Wednesday after the State Executive Council meeting held at the Executive Council Chamber, Office of the Governor, State Secretariat, Osogbo.‎ 

The directive was given to Osun State Inland Revenue Service (OIRS) to bring the full weight of the law to bear on culpable Federal agencies operating in the state and are owing the government taxes.‎ The Council expressed dismay at the agencies’ intransigence at paying tax as and when due, saying no effort would henceforth be spared in collecting every kobo of government from those owing past and current taxes.

The decision of the Council came after deliberating on the report that Federal agencies situated in Osun, especially education institutions, for several years held back more than N4.7 billion taxes due to the state.

The Council then directed ‎all the relevant government agencies to use all necessary means, including shutting down such defaulting institutions.‎

The statement reads in part: 'Council received the report of Federal Government agencies, especially education institutions, operating in the state owing the state government backlog of taxes running to billions of naira. 

'The established tax liability alone is N4.2 billion while current liability is N524 million, totalling N4.7 billion. This huge sum is needed by the government to meet critical obligations. 

'Council asked these institutions to pay what they are owing immediately and directed all the relevant government agencies to use all necessary means, including shutting them down, to collect what is being owed the government from them'.‎

‎The State Government also condemned in its totality the heinous activities of game hunters who set bush on fire in order to trap animal. This often leads to burning of crops and economic trees. The council warned those who engage in this acts to desist and directed law enforcement agencies to put an end to this by enforcing relevant laws.

‎According to the Council, ‎'the activities of game hunters and others that set bush on fire, thereby burning farms, crops and other valuables, have come to the attention of Council and have been roundly condemned.

'Those engaged in this economic sabotage acts are urged to desist forthwith as law enforcement agencies have been  directed to bring culprits to book'.

‎The Council also congratulated the State Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, on the seventh anniversary of his administration which will come up on November 27, 2017. ‎

‎The Council expressed satisfaction at the giant strides the Aregbesola's administration has made since inception and forthwith approved the programmes lined up for celebrating this unique event.

Group Lauds Military Over Global Terrorism Ranking

...calls for community policing  to end suicide bombing 
The current victories by the Nigerian Army over terrorism in Nigeria have continued to receive commendations even as the Eko Civil Rights Movement this afternoon joined in the foray of those who have acknowledged the giant achievements of the military .
In a statement signed and made available by its Executive Director, Otunba Olusayo Olatokun, during a rally to mark the 2017 Global Terrorism Index commissioned  by the Institute for Economics and Peace, which held at the Freedom Park in Lagos, the group said the recent positive rating of Nigeria is an appraisal of the counter insurgency efforts that has returned a positive verdict.
It said the institute has further restored hope in the fact that President Buhari’s counter terrorism approach has yeilded success and defeating Boko Haram and other groups is possible.
" the Institute for Peace has restored our hope with the release of its Global Terrorism Index 2017 which has reaffirmed our faith that terrorism can be defeated by showing that deaths from Boko Haram are on the decline. 
We see the Global Terrorism Index as a report to celebrate because it is important to fully appraise the efforts that have gone into achieving such reduction in the casualty rate occasioned  by Boko Haram activities". 
Commending further they said this international dimension has vouched for the Nigerian Military that it has made impact even when according to them the reverse seems to be the case.
While calling on stakeholder commitment, they however cautioned against relenting on the basis of the current percieved decline adding that it should rather be seen as a pointer to what has been done right and therefore can be done better.
Meanwhile the group has also called for more intelligence involvement by the Department of State Services, the Nigerian Police  Force and Community leaders in order  to end recent spate of suicide missions by fleeing elements of Boko Haram.
According to them the degree of degradation of Boko Haram calls for more of this intelligence work as opposed to the military force and strategy that the Nigerian Army has deployed to bring Boko Haram to its present level.
" ...the Nigeria Police Force, Department of State Services and community leaders at all levels must now face it as part of their sacred mandates that they must halt the incessant cases of suicide bombings which fleeing Boko Haram members  intend  to use as their last resort after their defeat by the military". They added.
Suggesting further, the group noted that the intelligence community would fare better if there was collaboration between them and the military, citing Lagos state as a model for all to emulate. 
" our suggestion is for both organisations to work together in conjunction with the military to adopt this  approach which is one of the proactive collaborations between military in terms of providing intelligence, that has kept the South West of the country free from any insurgency".

UN Says, Industrialization, Key To End Poverty, Economic Growth

The United Nations (UN) has called for concerted efforts to industrialise the country, saying industrialization remains key to full contribution to total poverty eradication and economic growth.

Speaking during the 2017 African Industrialization Day on the theme: "African Industrial Development: A Pre–Condition For Effective & Sustainable Continental Free Trade", the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, lamented that industrial development of many African nations is not realized due to market constraints and other factors such as trade and custom barriers, free access to finance and the harmonization of policies at the continental level.

The UN scribe who was represented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, UNIDO Regional Director, Mr Jean Bakole stressed that order for the CFTA to reach its potential in empowering African economies, a favorable business environment, including social inclusion, business in and adequate industrial policies, is necessary.

"The private sector also plays a major part in the development of new innovative technologies and business practices. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) further contribute a projected 80 per cent of the continent's Gross Domestic Product and support an estimated 90 per cent of all jobs.

The Minister Of Industry, Trade & Investment, Dr. Okechukwu Enelamah while delivering his speech said we must deal with the things necessary for industrialization. Without industrialization, Africa will be struggling with primary goods and people will be looking for countries in Africa to dump finished goods.

“We have to consume and also export what we produce as a country. We must increase Africa trade. When we talk about economic diversification, there’s no better way to do than through industrialization by creating a network of value adding ecosystem.

“In order to be a competitive economy, the Nigerian government is currently working on an industrial revolution plan in collaboration with UNIDO to develop programme of actions in key sectors like agro processing, oil and gas, metal and solid minerals, construction etc. ” It’s time for Africans to be victors, he added.

Chinese Ambassador and Director, Health Safety and Sustainability, IndustriALL Global Union, Brian Kohler, in his address said China's political will is strong and is committed to promoting international cooperation for industrialisation and production capacities.

He said: “The policy has been cleared. We are with Africa for Africa's industrialisation. We support your efforts. Nigeria is creating a more enabling environment, which is why the government is doing a commendable work in improving the global ranking.

He further added that China is doing a lot of infrastructure cooperation with Nigeria to support the effort to lay a more solid foundation for industrialisation.

“China is willing to work closely with Nigeria's industrialisation efforts. I understand the importance of the Made-In-Nigeria and Africa initiatives, China will be happy to see in the future, Africa could be one of the most important manufacturing centre for the world. My word is Made-in-Nigeria with China. China will be one of your most reliable partners,” he said.

Also speaking, The vice president, African Global Union, Comrade Issa Aremu said that there can be no industrialization without electrification.

"It is commendable that the ERGP sets to reduce petroleum products imports by 80 per cent in 2018. That’s the way to create jobs, decent and sustainable jobs in the petroleum sector," he said.

Aremu averred that whatever forms of Industrialization, first or fourth industrial revolution there must be decent sustainable jobs for the workers with job security, living wages and living pensions.

He added that businesses and owners of capital are employing robots, machines and computers to replace workers in order to maximize profits and lower wages or even deny pay all together.

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